Sunny and I

Sunny and I

Sunny and I

Sunny and I

Juicy in his 15 minutes of fame on the stripper pole.

Juicy in his 15 minutes of fame on the stripper pole.

Cole and his donk

Cole and his donk

Cole and Gunther

Cole and Gunther

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The best laid plans....

It never fails.
So I'm getting ready to go out of town to Texas for Christmas. I'm busting my tail to get everything done and actually things were going smoothly and I was ahead of schedule.
Then 48 hours before I leave, my hot water pipes freeze and my hay guy's truck breaks down and so I'm behind on putting hay in. 24 hours before I leave, I'm frantically putting hay in the pastures and my mare Jinx colics. Now, I've had this mare for two years and she's never had any health problems whatsoever. I finally leave the barn at midnight, 12 hours before my flight leaves. Thank God for my friend Shelley, who came out at midnight to keep an eye on Jinx while I headed home to pack.

While I'm out of town, everything runs smoothly. Shelley had a blast taking care of both the dogs and the evening feeding shift at the barn (well, not quite.) Except from Shelley's threats that unless I brought her a large sum of unmarked bills from TX, my shrunken head dog (Chico) would be kidnapped, I had a pleasant trip.

I get back into town and 12 hours after I return, my hot water and electric system in the barn short out. Sheesh.

Then I catch Juicy the pony having an all you can eat buffet when the feed store delivery guy left the feed outside of the feed room instead of putting it in.

The next day I discover my chicken, Elvis, has injured his wing. Today, I caught one of the horses beating him up. So, needless to say, Rachel, Alina, and myself spent some time chasing the chicken. Finally, we cornered him, tackled him with a horse blanket, and moved him to a different pasture.

Man, I'm tired.

You know, Sylvester Stallone made chicken chasing look effortless in the Rocky movies but I can tell you that it's harder than it looks.

Well, I'm off to clean stalls. Who wants to bet that Keebler pooped in his feed bucket again?? Dang, that horse has the best aim.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

By the way...

If you're ever bored, check out my YouTube videos. I've got a few of the purple pony halter on there. I know, tempting... Don't deny it.

You can find me under sabrinatheTXblonde.

Later gator!


Fixing fences in the cold and the dark while drinking whiskey(okay, well eggnog). My life is like a bad Willie Nelson song...


Boy oh boy, there's nothing like a gallon of soy eggnog and a big bag of chocolate chips to take the edge off a long day.

Or give me a stomachache.....

I think I'm colicing.

Got banamine???

Anyone, anyone?


I'm off to roll in the hay.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Kids are awesome.

My 5 yr. old son just looked at me and said "I'm so glad I didn't forget to wake up today."

Me too, son!!!


New pony!!! (Maybe?)

So, Juicy the purple pony halter pony, has a big clump of snow frozen to the middle of his forehead. It looks like a big star.

Anyone think I could pass him off as a different pony with the star(and a year's worth of horse tranqs included)?


I love watching the horses play. It's so peaceful to watch them enjoy themselves in the snow. They roll in it, they play tag, they run and buck and snort, they pull off... What the hell??? That stupid fatty patty pony, Juicy, just took a hunk out of Spongebob's Baker blanket! Excuse me while I go kill him.

Okay, I think I just burned 3000 calories chasing him in the snow. I swear he's laughing at me. Just for that I'm going to hook him to the sledding saucer tomorrow and make him pull the kids around.

Back to the horses. Yep, it's gorgeous. I love watching the big gray Percheron Gunther canter through the snow. He should be in commercials. Echo and McLovin, two rescued thoroughbreds, are playing and rearing. Both of them were so scared to interact with other horses when they first came. Now they're having a blast. Daisy and Jinx snoozing in the sun. Floyd is napping while Sunny the evil sidekick stands guard over him. Buttercup is also stretched out for a nap in the sun. And then there's something I really don't care to see. Yep, it's Keebler the 3 yr. old stud mounting Nanners, the 40 something mare. Hmmmn... K, well, I guess there's someone for everyone huh?
Back to work. No more horse porn. I'd rather clean stalls.